Our Process

Usually dealing with technical folks is difficult, not with iTech Systems

Working with us is an entirely different experience. We've heard over and over that we speak our clients' language, and we take the time to explain the options fully. More importantly, we listen to our clients and discuss real issues and questions.

We're honest, sometimes alarmingly so. Our clients expect us to say what's on our minds so they can make better decisions. At iTech Systems, we certainly don’t make suggestions based on what’s easy or what’s going to make us more money; our way of partnership means we measure our success by your success.

  • Ideas

    First, we need to learn about the organization and project, so we have to get to know each other

  • discussion

    Next we discuss the content and usage of the site. Content is a lot of work but it is the most crucial thing on the site

  • design

    Third we design and lay it all out. Design is arduous but, rewarding.

  • development

    Finally we develop the site, system, and near the end beta test the site. We also stay with you for a year after the site launch.

Our Team

Talented and full of love, get to know the team